Singleton Design pattern in Java

Below class depicts the Singleton design pattern.

package in.javatutorials;

* @author JavaTutorials
* @version 1.0
public final class SingletonDesignPattern {

* make the class object as private as it is
* not used directly out side the class
private static SingletonDesignPattern singletonObj = null;

* make the constructor as private.
* Object cannot be created using the constructor outside of this class.
private SingletonDesignPattern(){


* Create the class object if it is null and
* @return singletonObj SingletonDesignPattern
public static SingletonDesignPattern getInstance(){
if(singletonObj == null){
singletonObj = new SingletonDesignPattern();
return singletonObj;

* Take the user name as parameter and return the welcome message
* @param userName String
* @return message String
public String getWelcomeInfo(String userName){
String message = null;
//make method access to synchronized to make thread safe
synchronized (SingletonDesignPattern.class) {
System.out.println(“User Name is : ” + userName);
message = “Hello ” + userName + “!!!”;
return message;

The main() method of below class will get the single ton object and access the other methods using the same.

package in.javatutorials;

public class TestSingleton {

public static void main(String[] args) {
//Get the singleton object
SingletonDesignPattern singletonObj = SingletonDesignPattern.getInstance();



About Mallik

I born in Good cultural place called India. My family is traditional family. We fallow all Indian traditions.

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