Beyond The Box Launches A TweetDeck For Sports To Bring Realtime News And Analysis To Your iPad


Like many avid sports fans, Shailo Rao, Sagar Savant and Vam Makam are well-familiar with how frustrating it can be to find quality, relevant sports content — especially on Twitter and other social media. Rao tells me over coffee that, as a PhD student at Stanford, he spent years trying to create and maintain a single realtime feed of content he actually cared about. Because no company or publication was addressing this at the time, he was forced to manually curate a huge roster of RSS feeds from his favorite websites and Twitter accounts.

Not only was that process extremely time-consuming, but with people shifting to native apps, mobile websites, the growth of the unfiltered interest graph on Twitter (sports updates mixed with tech coverage, for example) and the explosion of sports coverage, the RSS feed approach just doesn’t make sense.

Unable to find a better solution, the three amigos…

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