What Games Are: The Scientism Delusion


Editor’s note: Tadhg Kelly is a veteran game designer, creator of leading game design blog What Games Are and creative director of Jawfish Games. You can follow him on Twitter here.

Making a game is rarely as simple as having an idea, coding it and shipping it out the door. It looks as though it should be, and every year there are one or two media stories of studios who do exactly that, but in reality it’s not that common. Usually there’s a lot of playtesting, blind alleys, a need to rework or rethink how the game works and to iterate. This has always been the case, though perhaps in this more connected age it’s easier to iterate against the market than behind closed doors.

Bad games die in obscurity. They vanish into the great unwashed of the App Store’s 150,000+ games, never to be seen again. Their failure…

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