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Print Number Series using Java

package in.malliktalksjava;

* @author
* This program prints the numbers in below pattern
* 1
* 123
* 12345
* 1234567
* 12345
* 123
* 1
class PrintingNumberPatterns{

public static void main(String[] args){

* Print the numbers in assending and decending order by iterating it.
private static void printNumberSeries() {
for (int i = 1; i <= 7; i += 2) {
for (int j = 1; j <= i; j++) {

for (int i = 5; i >= 1; i -= 2) {
for (int j = 1; j < i + 1; j++) {



Why Behavior Change Apps Fail To Change Behavior

Rating The Venture Capitalists

Skype says it will kill its Desktop API by end of 2013


Skype, the Microsoft-owned internet telephony service, is planning to kill its Desktop API (application programming interface), according to an email sent to developers by Chris Andrews, Head of Skype Developer Program. (s msft) Skype wants folks to use Skype URIs as its believes that will allow the developers to access Skype via various platforms — mobile, web and desktop.

Skype is deeply enmeshed into the new Windows. Skype URIs need the Skype client for all communications, as Skype explains on its developer website. The action is to some extent driven by the growth of Skype on mobile, which has actually helped the company grow its usage.

The Desktop API enabled third party applications to communicate with the Skype network and is going to stop working sometime by the end of 2013. “Although we will continue to support the Desktop API for the rest of 2013, in September the App…

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CrunchWeek: Nokia’s Lumia 1020, Dropbox’s Developer Conference, Hulu’s Non-Sale

Slap, scratch, curse — why do mosquitoes love me (and not you)?


You’ve been there. At the beach. At a picnic. Playing volleyball. And the mosquitoes can’t get enough of you although they seem to be leaving John Doe alone. Why is that?

A new report in Smithsonian Magazine sheds some light on this mystery and it turns out mosquitoes may like you more than others based on your size, your blood type, your degree of fitness, your body temperature and other factors.

Fun facts from the story (which you need to read in whole if mosquitoes really bug you:)

  • Mosquitoes have favorite blood types. They’re more likely to dine out (on you) if you’re Type O than if you’re type A. Type B folks lay somewhere in the middle.
  • 85 percent of people secrete a chemical through their skin that telegraphs which blood type they have and mosquitoes prefer secretors to nonsecretors even if they have a non-preferred blood type.
  • Mosquitoes…

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Sweat Equity: From Co-Founders To Co-Investors, Freestyle.VC Invests More Than Just Cash

Sites scrape heaps of our data, so why don’t we get a personalized experience?


Almost everything we do – from driving to work to calling our families to ordering a sandwich for lunch – creates millions of pieces of useful data about our likes and dislikes. So web sites should be serving us a uniquely tailored set of content, right? Yet for the most part, the experience for users has remained static. While there are exceptions, much of the personalized element of most online content is the advertising (oh, and weather).

Consider the following: My grandmother in Florida and my buddy in Tel Aviv see the exact same site when they visit (except for the ads). Why is that? Both my grandmother and my buddy bring dozens of pieces of data with them to every site they visit. Our current-generation technology is capable of giving each of them a more personalized, contextual site experience, yet most web publishers don’t utilize this capability.

In the near…

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Gillmor Gang: Batteries Not Included

Finally there’s evidence that we’re embracing energy innovation


Advancements in distributed and clean energy technologies are redefining the provision of safe, reliable, and cost-effective service within the electric utility industry. New business models are emerging to challenge the utility-dominated archetype of the past century.

But the debate over how to manage the transition to a new normal is just beginning. It is going to take a combination of political will and smart policy to avoid stifling innovation and progress.

At the end of last month, President Obama announced an energy plan that included sweeping initiatives to manage carbon emissions, accelerate the deployment of renewable energy, and strengthen energy efficiency goals. That announcement came on the heels of a motion issued a few weeks earlier by California Public Utility Commissioner Carla J. Peterman that set energy storage procurement targets for the state’s investor owned electric utilities (IOUs).

While it is, unfortunately, likely that these proposals will be watered down over…

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